A Fine Line

by noughts and exes

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exclusive EP preceding our brand new album


released December 1, 2012



all rights reserved


noughts and exes Hong Kong

Noughts and Exes are an indie folk pop band based in Hong Kong. With an international line-up of musicians, a mish-mash of inspiration and creative instrumentation, the band has become one of the most unique sounds in the city, earning a strong reputation and cult following. ... more

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Track Name: Collisions
Treading warily
keep yourself from all harm
Lest the breakage is
Far beyond all you've done
Fool me twice is a
Fashion you can't afford
So the good with the
Bad is lost in your war

Won't you brace for it
And You live when you're ready to lose it
You brace for me
Everything cannot be lest you brace
Brace for it

Treading carefully
may well keep you from harm
Yet regrettably
hide you also from love
In collisions we
Realize what may be
But when fearfully
Stepping in you retreat

Won't you brace for it
You live when you're ready to lose it
You brace for me
Everything cannot be lest you brace
Brace for it

Here it comes wait for it
Track Name: A Fine Line
Wait, take a seatAnd I'll see you if I feel you are the one to see
Wait for me
If you're feeling
Up to it
Is all that's given

When does holding on start to hold you down
The wind is overwhelming
When is pushing in time to turn around
The tide is overturning now

Hope if you will or you dare now
It's a line too blurry to perceive
Risk it all or retreat now
It's hard to say when under fire

When to bet it all
Or to go cash out
The waves are overwhelming
Where does faith begin
And when do fools abound

Time is all you know
To remain now
so make your choice
Give up a little
Track Name: The Fall
Where is the line
Where is the line
And what will you do when over it

Taking your time
Taking your time
Spent or invested in regret

Beating yourself
Beating yourself
Into a pulp not into shape

Where is your help
Where is your help
And what will you do when facing it

Here comes the fall
You teeter, you waver back and forth
Here comes the fall
To bleed and to break, and then some more
Here comes the fall
We saw the approach while you were blind
Here comes the fall
And after the crash
You'll return here once more

Where is the fight
Where is the fight
The battle you wage in everything

Where is your strife
Where is your strife
What is your source of suffering

Where will you hide
Where will you hide
When you're yourself the enemy

Who will you bind
Who will you bind
Knowing you'll only set you free

Look at me won't you look at me I am awesome
Sky's the limit but you best look out below

The heights you reach
Are depths you fall
And as you climb
Take mind of below

It's closing in
Track Name: Lovely Day
I thought this time
Was right despite
All other situations where
Broken pieces i had jammed in fit well

this smooth proved cracked
This whole, it lacked
I know upon inspection
That my perfection was a tad bit flawed

It's a lovely day to die
Die to the one I love

Once here, now gone
Makes clear, unknown
And now upon reflection
The magic mirror that I used was cracking

But now "too late"
Has come my way
And oh it's so ironic
That by the time that I had dawned it was night

It's a lovely day to die
Die to the one I love


And now here stands
A broken lamp
With all illumination within but lacking
Motivation to shine

How wrong thou art
When in the dark's
the best of situations
to let the light of all you've gained burn bright

It's a lovely day to die
Die to the one I love
Die to in fact myself.
Track Name: Strange
The temperature was wrong
The music dull and dissonant
And any candles there blew out
The starlight hardly on
And any romance gone astray
But upon glancing you is found

The sum it need not come
To what I thought it was to be
The journey lead to
Different lands
But everything is far
More perfect than I could foresee
And love has interrupted plans

And all the wreckage now revered
Is so strangely right
And all we'd doubted now held dear
Is oh so strangely right

And all we'd deemed as not for us is oh so strangely right
And all the jagged and the rough
Is oh so strangely right
And all we are may seem absurd and yet so strangely right
And all that left us so perturbed
Is oh so strangely right